Swiss Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Swiss Multinational Pharmaceutical Company


The Global IT group within a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company wanted to improve their inclusivity within the organization, including establishing relationships across cultural differences, effectively managing employees across cultures and strengthening team collaboration.


The organization leveraged their GlobeSmart® license to reach their goals via two approaches:

Top-Down Approach: Starting with the IT Leadership team in a 1-hour session, team members were invited to complete their GlobeSmart ProfileSM and review dimension scenarios prior to a facilitated virtual session.

Bottom-Up Approach: Sessions were hosted in the IT hub locations (Switzerland, Texas, New Jersey, Prague, Czech and India) and virtual eMeetings were conducted for all other locations.


Team members were empowered with the tools to educate themselves about how to collaborate and work effectively with colleagues from different cultures or with varying work styles. In order to drive adoption of the tool, it was important to “touch” the team members at an individual level.

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