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Global Mindset

It’s important from time to time to reset, and do what we do for clients, for ourselves. The Aperian Global Online Learning Tools team, who is charged with the recent rebuild of GlobeSmart, our industry-leading online cultural intelligence resource, recently took part in their own facilitated GlobeSmart Profile Team Debrief. The debrief compared work styles […]

At Aperian Global, we don’t just consult our clients on the challenges that arise in a cross-cultural setting; we are a living embodiment of the intercultural field. From an American-born Chinese mom balancing clashing cultures while raising twins, or a Japanese-American family dividing time between countries, to a German national who grew up in five […]

Leverage what makes you unique. Business teams come in many shapes and sizes, with vast differences in function, seniority, proximity and responsibilities. But they all have one thing in common: People. And every individual has a unique work style, which will affect – negatively or positively – the dynamics of a team. We’ve put together […]

When we last heard from Sangeeta, we started to learn about her project, her role and the challenges she has with her global team. In this second installment of the webisode series, we find that there appears to be a few issues around team alignment and clarification of roles. What factors could be getting in […]

Riding the Waves of the Storm of Distrust

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The growing, global storm of distrust is powerful and unpredictable. According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer; a survey that investigates the state of trust and credibility that exists between individuals and four key institutions — business, government, media and NGOs — two-thirds of the 28 countries surveyed are now “distrusters”. In modern society, we […]

In our interview series, Inside Aperian Global, you will get to know the passionate people that drive Aperian Global’s mission, values, and day-to-day operations. Aperian Global’s employees will provide you with a sneak peek into their work lives and share stories about themselves. This month, we spoke with Jason Overton, our Director of Market Development, […]

In today’s global business environment, understanding other cultures provides a real competitive advantage: Negotiators can accelerate their discussions by minimizing communication hurdles, marketers can more effectively engage with target audiences in specific countries or regions, and product managers can make appropriate localization decisions. Although a certain amount of cultural knowledge can be acquired through personal […]

As a training organization, although we do our very best to collect feedback from our workshops, we don’t always have the opportunity to see the lasting impact that our programs have on participants. Which is why we were so pleased to see an article written by Hanne Blume, HR Director for DONG Energy, Denmark’s largest […]

Meet Sangeeta: Webisode One

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Meet Sangeeta, a global project leader. Watch the first webisode chronicling her team’s challenges.

Meet Sangeeta, a global project leader. Watch the first webisode of our series chronicling her team’s challenges. How can Sangeeta get clear agreement across boundaries? Leave a comment below describing what you would do.     Sangeeta and her team do not seem to be aligned very well and appear to have a lack of open, transparent […]

Aperian Global Quarterly Newsletter: Navigating Global Business Change

With global change comes global complexity. We’ve noticed our clients are asking more questions lately about how the development of cultural agility skills can influence larger, global change initiatives. Given this trend, we’ve put together several resources to help educate and guide you on navigating change across borders. Getting Clear Agreement Across Boundaries Imagine you […]

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