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It’s important from time to time to reset, and do what we do for clients, for ourselves. The Aperian Global Online Learning Tools team, who is charged with the recent rebuild of GlobeSmart, our industry-leading online cultural intelligence resource, recently took part in their own facilitated GlobeSmart Profile Team Debrief. The debrief compared work styles […]

Leverage what makes you unique. Business teams come in many shapes and sizes, with vast differences in function, seniority, proximity and responsibilities. But they all have one thing in common: People. And every individual has a unique work style, which will affect – negatively or positively – the dynamics of a team. We’ve put together […]

When we last heard from Sangeeta, we started to learn about her project, her role and the challenges she has with her global team. In this second installment of the webisode series, we find that there appears to be a few issues around team alignment and clarification of roles. What factors could be getting in […]

Alignment is essential to the creation of effective, high-functioning global teams. When colleagues are spread across cultures and time zones, it’s important to meld individual team member’s personalities, demographics, cultural expectations, and communication styles to build a strong team that works together to help reach company goals. As a starting point, we’ve listed ten questions […]

Teams Surviving in Change

Global teams are a complex, diverse mix of personalities, skills, cultural values, and work styles. More than half of all organizations with more than 5,000 employees have virtual, global teams.1 To be most effective, especially during times of change, cross-border teams have to find mutually-agreeable ways to work together to meet common goals and overcome […]

Blog: 8-Steps to Managing Change in a Borderless Workplace

(based on Dr. John Kotter’s original change model featured in Leading Change) The global marketplace is changing quicker than we can react: change is outpacing us quicker than you can say Matcha frappuccino. Our ability to remain agile and flexible is tested. Continuous businesses transformation in an international context means that organizations need to enhance […]

Meet Sangeeta: Webisode One

| Posted in: Global Mindset, Leadership, Teams, Webisodes
Meet Sangeeta, a global project leader. Watch the first webisode chronicling her team’s challenges.

Meet Sangeeta, a global project leader. Watch the first webisode of our series chronicling her team’s challenges. How can Sangeeta get clear agreement across boundaries? Leave a comment below describing what you would do.     Sangeeta and her team do not seem to be aligned very well and appear to have a lack of open, transparent […]

Aperian Global Quarterly Newsletter: Navigating Global Business Change

With global change comes global complexity. We’ve noticed our clients are asking more questions lately about how the development of cultural agility skills can influence larger, global change initiatives. Given this trend, we’ve put together several resources to help educate and guide you on navigating change across borders. Getting Clear Agreement Across Boundaries Imagine you […]

Blog: How Tech & Non-tech People Work Together

We recently ran an inclusion & diversity workshop that focused on bringing the tech and non-tech functions in the organization to collaborate better together. Early on in the day, our facilitator posed a seemingly simple question to the group: “How would you describe the group that you do not belong to?” The purpose was to […]

Blog: Preparing Foreign Students for Studying in the United States

Guest Post by Daniel B. Kerr, CPA, Ph.D. The number of foreign students attending US colleges and universities increased by 7.1% in 2015-16, bringing the number to 1,043,839. This marks the tenth consecutive year the number of foreign students has increased, according the the November 2016 Open Doors report from the Institute of International Education. […]

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