Celebrating the Power of Inclusion

Posted on May 15, 2017

Celebrating the Power of Inclusion

Blog: Celebrating the Power of Inclusion

May 21st marks the 15th anniversary of The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development. This special day is a United Nations–sanctioned international holiday celebrating and promoting diversity issues. Learn more about the holiday here.

Since cultural diversity plays such a big role in the work that we do, we as an organization, like to take time to celebrate this international holiday. Last year, we looked to our own employees to provide us with snapshots of diversity; images that wouldn’t necessarily show up in a Google search for “diversity”, but something that, to them, symbolized diversity. This year, seeing as we hear these buzzwords and phrases more often around “creating an inclusive work place”, we asked our employees to give us their definitions of “inclusion”, beyond the dictionary definition of simply the act of including or being included. It was really interesting to see what each person came up with, from their unique perspective.

Enjoy the results below, and we encourage you to add in YOUR definitions of what inclusion means to you in the comments below!

We asked: What does the word, “inclusion”, mean to you?

We hope you enjoyed having a look through these & they’ve inspired you to think about your own definition of “inclusion”. 

In honor of the World Day for Cultural Diversity’s 15th anniversary, we’re extending a 15% discount on two of our Self-Guided Courses in our online store:  Leveraging Diverse Styles and Creating an Inclusive Workplace (sale ends May 31st, 2017). Use promo code: INCLUSION at checkout.



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2 Responses to “Celebrating the Power of Inclusion”

  • Is the attitude that seeks to integrate the people within a society seeking to bring talents and nourish themselves with what she can offer on the spot. It promotes the pursuit of diversity and avoids discrimination, allowing a better quality of life for all human beings without distinction of any kind

  • So many great definitions, I like elements in many of them! However, the definition that resonated most strongly with me was definitely Medena’s. For me, appreciating differences and not judging are key. Thanks for the though provoking post.

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