Measuring Inclusion: How Employees Can Make Real Progress

Measuring Inclusion: How Employees Can Make Real Progress

Event Date: 18 Apr 2018

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We know now more than ever that it's not enough to just hire a diverse workforce. The real challenge lies in leveraging that diversity and creating a truly inclusive workplace. While there are many approaches to workplace inclusion, organizations often struggle with measuring their effectiveness. And even if employees recognize the need for improvement across the workplace, it can be difficult for them to identify their own inclusivity blind spots or know how to improve on them.

Join us for this interactive webinar where we'll discuss how to measure inclusion and hear from thought leaders in the field as to how your organization can start to see real progress in creating a more inclusive workplace. We'll introduce the new Inclusive Behaviors Inventory, a tool designed to evaluate the unique inclusivity strengths and blind spots of individual employees and then provide them with practical advice for working in more inclusive ways.

Participants will walk away with:

  • Five dimensions for measuring inclusivity
  • A new method for helping individual employees to move from awareness of unconscious bias to practical action
  • Ways to measure both individual and organizational progress, and to compare with benchmark scores
  • A scalable means to support concrete skill-building for greater inclusivity across the organization
  • An instrument that is accessible and relevant to global employees

All participants will receive free trial access to the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory.

Date and Time: 17 April at 8:00pm (San Francisco) | 18 April at 8:30am (Bangalore) | 11:00am (Shanghai)


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