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Working with Diverse Styles: A 30-Day Learning Journey

Working with Diverse Styles: A 30-Day Learning Journey

The most successful contributors understand the natural tendencies of their team members so they can communicate with and motivate each based on their work-style needs. However, understanding these tendencies and successful style-switching takes time to master.

While learning to work with diverse styles is something that needs careful attention, how do organizations find the time and resources to develop the needed skills for their employees?

How can learning be consistently rolled out to entire divisions of an organization — and lead to real behavior change?

Join us for a conversation with Hal Zabin, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs – Medical Device Excellence at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, one of the first organizations to implement Working with Diverse Styles: A 30-day Learning Journey. Hal will discuss his experience rolling out the program to over 200 employees across multiple geographies, which was designed to improve working relationships, reduce style conflicts, improve communication, and most importantly, lead to real behavior change in cross-cultural and often virtual teams – all without ever stepping into a training room.

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