Bridging cultural gaps post-global team integration

Bridging cultural gaps post-global team integration


As part of its reorganization, a global product leader in powertrain solutions decided to merge its historically separate R&D teams, based in the US, Germany and Korea, into one global R&D team. Nearly a decade of separation had resulted in significant differences in process and approach among the geographies, causing conflicts within the newly formed global team. The firm sought Aperian Global’s help in bridging the cultural gaps between the teams and improving their effectiveness as a global team.


Aperian Global designed and delivered a three-day session for the global leadership team to pave the way for mutual understanding within the team about each other’s national cultures and preferred working styles. A customized blend of Aperian Global online learning tools, assessments and content was assembled, including:


After completing the three-day workshop, team leaders were able to walk away with concrete strategies for improving team performance based off of their GTA results and debriefing, as well as a solid understanding of key cultural differences and strategies to work effectively across cultures.

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