Developing leaders in China to foster growth locally & globally

Developing leaders in China to foster growth locally & globally


A Fortune 500 electronics and healthcare technology company discovered that the number of Chinese leaders at the executive level were vastly underrepresented in the organization’s leadership team and misaligned with revenue trends in the region, posing a significant challenge to the company’s growth in China and globally.


Aperian Global partnered with the company’s learning and leadership development teams to design a blended Global Leadership learning solution to hone the global leadership skills of its Chinese high potentials and close the existing skill gaps. Aperian Global’s blended solution of multiple learning touch points inside and outside the classroom included:


Participants commented that the program was a rare opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from mentors and senior leaders, and to make an impact on global strategy through their projects. This is the first China-led leadership program to be integrated into the organization’s global leadership curriculum, providing critical visibility to the region and its talent.

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