Preparing executives for working & living in the Middle East

Preparing executives for working & living in the Middle East


One of the world’s largest engineering and construction organizations was sending some of its senior American executives on long-term assignments to the United Arab Emirates within a compressed timeframe. Though based in Abu Dhabi, assignees’ roles were regional and included overseeing operations in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Egypt. Aperian Global was tasked with quickly providing pre-departure cultural training for the outbound executives and their families.


Working closely with the firm’s human resources division, we conducted several Thriving in a New Culture learning programs. The programs are high-level, face-to-face workshops and were offered to each of the executives across North America, focusing on thriving while on assignment in the Middle East. Additionally, Aperian Global provided separate children’s cultural training programs for executives relocating with children. The entire program roll-out, from initial outreach and planning to delivery and relocation was completed in one month.


The executives and their families were significantly more comfortable and prepared upon arrival in the Middle East, and the firm experienced no delay in project work during the transition abroad.

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