Developing cultural agility at the university level

Developing cultural agility at the university level


A top ranked business school in the U.S. had several programs that focused on cultural challenges in management and leadership programs. They needed a resource to supplement coursework and to heighten students’ awareness of their orientation when working in a global environment.


The business school licensed GlobeSmart® for all of their students and the tool was incorporated into their coursework. The GlobeSmart Cultural Dimensions and GlobeSmart ProfileSM were introduced to help students understand how culture can impact communication styles, motivation, negotiation, and other critical business topics. Students were put into groups and assigned to research another country and share business tips on how to work effectively with that country.


GlobeSmart continues to be integrated into new programs at the school and has received very positive feedback. The tool has proven useful for students preparing for internship interviews and to help better understand prospective employers’ key markets. GlobeSmart is also now used as an ongoing resource for students working on projects that are cross-functional, global, and involving virtual teams.

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