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Global Inclusion & Diversity

The world’s workplace is constantly evolving, and so is the way that Inclusion & Diversity plays out within global organizations. Our Inclusion & Diversity practice partners with clients to ensure a global, yet locally relevant approach to diversity that leads to a work culture of inclusion.

“Diversity is the chorus. Inclusion is their song.”

Aperian Global’s Approach to Cross-Cultural Diversity Training

Our approach to working with partners transcends compliance training and helps organizations realize the benefits of an inclusive workplace. In today’s diverse and rapidly changing business environment, inclusion is an organizational mindset. Inclusive leadership practices:

Allow an organization to take advantage of the benefits that a diverse workforce can provide
Create an environment where a diverse workforce feels involved, respected and connected
Where the richness of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are harnessed to create business value
Encourage individuals to collaborate to create true synergy and competitive advantage

Our cultural diversity training solutions for increasing and leveraging global inclusion include:

Building Awareness

Through business cultural diversity training, we assist clients with developing or fine-tuning their business case for inclusion & diversity that is globally consistent, yet is flexible for local relevance. We also provide consultation to develop communication strategies to ensure consistent global messaging.

Strategic Planning

Inclusion & Diversity is a focused change management initiative. Therefore, it is critical that organizations have clear strategic plans to manage start-up, planning, and ongoing actions of their Inclusion & Diversity advisory councils.

Workshop Facilitation

Increasing the awareness of employees’ understanding of Inclusion & Diversity often involves changing behaviors. In our Inclusion & Diversity learning journeys, we work with our clients to customize workshops that cater to their specific needs. Our primary focus in these workshops is to engage participants on a personal level to understand that becoming more inclusive will demand a change in how we view the world and how we work together effectively. Learn more

Online Learning Tools

We offer both off-the-shelf and customized online global inclusion & diversity learning solutions to increase awareness for leveraging diversity in the workplace. Learn more

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