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It’s one thing to be an effective leader in a domestic operation. It can be quite another to lead a team in a global business environment. The development of strong global leadership skills requires a solid understanding of the cultural differences that are present when operating in other nations. That’s why cross-cultural leadership training is a key component in the development of global leaders. Expert leadership development learning programs can educate your management personnel on the most effective global leadership behaviors.

Take Advantage of Leadership Programs from Aperian Global

The learning programs offered by Aperian Global are specifically designed to help your management personnel make the transition from domestic manager to international leader. We offer a variety of programs that help your organization navigate the various phases of this global, transitional process.

Depending on your specific requirements, our programs can include a thorough analysis of your organization’s future leadership needs, and self-assessments for emerging leaders based on research-validated behaviors found to be key to global success.

Benefits of Our Leadership Training and Development Programs

Our global leadership development programs will help you identify and understand the differences between managing in a domestic and global operation, resulting in increased self-awareness. You’ll then be able to take steps to close the behavioral gaps. You will also learn what it takes to properly develop future global leaders, as well as implement and establish new solutions for promoting global leader assimilation.

With more than a quarter century of experience, our global leadership development process has been proven to help organizations like yours improve their global leadership competencies. Please read on to learn more about our cross-cultural management training solutions.

The SCOPE Framework

Aperian Global’s approach to global leadership is informed by our industry-leading research and thousands of hours of comprehensive and practical consulting and delivery. We anchor leadership programs in our research-based SCOPE framework that identifies key behaviors needed for complex, cross-boundary leadership roles.

What are the competitive advantages of inclusive leadership?  Ernest Gundling, co-author of Leading Across New Borders discusses inclusive leadership and explains the importance of leveraging local talent in countries where global organizations are doing business.

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Leadership Development: Our Point-of-View

Development programs serve to focus & enhance in-role learning; initiatives must connect to strategic business goals

Global leadership requires a different perspective & behavior from “general” leadership

Leading globally is not an “add-on” to leadership development frameworks; it must be embedded into the framework itself

Development of global leaders requires facilitators, coaches & managers with a sophisticated global perspective

Case Studies

Developing leaders in China to foster growth locally & globally


A Fortune 500 electronics and healthcare technology company discovered that the number of Chinese leaders at the executive level were vastly underrepresented in the organization’s leadership team and misaligned with revenue trends in the region, posing a significant challenge to the company’s growth in China and globally.


Aperian Global partnered with the company’s learning and leadership development teams to design a blended Global Leadership learning solution to hone the global leadership skills of its Chinese high potentials and close the existing skill gaps. Aperian Global’s blended solution of multiple learning touch points inside and outside the classroom included:


Participants commented that the program was a rare opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from mentors and senior leaders, and to make an impact on global strategy through their projects. This is the first China-led leadership program to be integrated into the organization’s global leadership curriculum, providing critical visibility to the region and its talent.

From Euro-centric to a truly global talent strategy


A global technology company headquartered in Belgium was seeking to reevaluate its Euro-centric talent strategy and decision-making processes in light of the company’s increasing global footprint. The company approached Aperian Global to help develop a D&I strategy that would better position the company for success globally.


Aperian Global confronted the challenge systematically, uncovering potential pitfalls in the company’s talent development strategy and creating a new, inclusive approach for adoption:

  • Provided a consultative approach through using a proprietary global talent benchmarking assessment (Global Talent Scorecard) of current talent practices and the company’s stage of globalization
  • Global Executive-level Diagnostic Interviews to discover the root issues and gaps
  • Executive and Board Level-Setting to align leaders around strategic priorities and diagnostic findings
  • Inclusive Leadership workshop to define and message the global D&I strategy from the top

As a result of our partnership, the company now has a comprehensive five-year plan for the roll-out of its Diversity and Inclusion strategy, including clear company-wide messaging and ownership by senior leadership.

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