GlobeSmart ProfileSM

An online cultural inventory that enables individuals to discover & compare their own unique work styles & get advice on how to work more effectively with other cultures & colleagues.

GlobeSmart-Profile-01, one of the strongest cultural inventories on the market, identifies potential challenges between different work-styles and provides dynamically generated advice and concrete strategies to pave the way for increased business success. Available in 13 languages, the GlobeSmart Profile has been leveraged by over one million individuals as a resource to support their global business interactions.

GlobeSmart Profile Dimension Overview

Feature Highlights

GlobeSmart Profile online learning tool
GlobeSmart Profile online cultural inventory
GlobeSmart Profile comparison chart
GlobeSmart Profile comparison chart
GlobeSmart Profile dimension summary
GlobeSmart Profile online cultural inventory dimension advice
Prior to taking the GlobeSmart Profile survey, videos are available to better understand how to use the Profile, as well as its statistical validity and psychometric properties.
The GlobeSmart Profile is available in 13 languages. Users can select their preferred language from a list to see translations within the Profile overview, descriptions and instructions for inviting colleagues or creating a team.
The survey consists of 40 items, which users are encouraged to respond to honestly with how strongly one agrees or disagrees with each statement. Upon submitting the answers, user will see their resulting unique GlobeSmart Profile.
Upon completion of the survey and resulting Profile, users can learn more about each of the five dimensions of culture represented on the chart. Users can also send invitations to colleagues and team members to compare profiles and get advice for interacting more effectively with those who may have different work-styles.
Clicking on the chart will display a brief overview of each dimension. The arrows are used to navigate through each dimension.
The Dimension Overview page has more information on each dimension, along with short video scenarios depicting the challenges people often face when working with others who may have different cultural work-styles.
Send invitations to colleagues or create a team with the Invitations feature. Once colleagues and/or team members complete the GlobeSmart Profile survey, users will be able to compare profiles with each other and access advice for working more effectively together.
Create profile comparisons with over 95 cultures or invited colleagues and teams.
Up to ten items can be compared on the chart at one time.
Clicking on an item will highlight the comparison.
Clicking on the chart will display a summary of the differences on each dimension. "Show Advice" gives users access to extensive, dynamically-generated advice on numerous topics.
For each dimension, users will have access to extensive advice on how to work effectively across different work-styles. Each topic provides helpful best practices and strategies for bridging differences and leveraging similarities.