Our Story

We help individuals, teams, and organizations
to work effectively across boundaries.

With over 25 years of experience, Aperian Global provides organizations with scalable, blended solutions that enable them to conduct business effectively across boundaries. Our consulting, training, and online learning tools help employees at all levels to engage global and local counterparts in a fully inclusive way, bringing out their best ideas while serving as a catalyst for innovative new solutions.

  • Grow in key markets
  • Accelerate the development of global leaders
  • Drive high-performance teamwork
  • Integrate mergers & acquisitions
  • Implement global change initiatives
  • Prepare expatriates to succeed
  • Lead inclusively
  • Build a global mindset
  • Missed deadlines due to global teams that are unable to collaborate effectively.
  • Alienated clients or business prospects because of lack of market understanding, breaches of protocol, or perceived disrespect.
  • Misunderstanding and miscommunication due to cultural differences that lead to conflicts, wasted effort, and employee turnover.
  • Resistance to initiatives that could have been avoided with greater local knowledge and participation.
  • Loss of high potential talent who sense a lack of inclusion and clear career paths.
  • Delays in the integration of mergers or acquisitions that result in poor return on investment.
  • Ineffective global assignments due to poor adaptation of assignees and expatriates to their new environments.

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“Aperian” is derived from the Latin word “aperire,” which means “to open” or “to provide access to.” We feel this name reflects the essence of our mission as well as the spirit of our client work.

The “openings” we create include:

  • Self-reflection and fresh personal insights about one’s own assumptions as well as the “why” behind the behaviors of others.
  • Practical border-crossing skills that enable better communication and flexible team leadership across national boundaries, distance, and time zones.
  • Team-building and organization development to leverage the full capabilities of a diverse and globally-dispersed workforce.

SHRM Logo 2019

Aperian Global is a SHRM Preferred Provider and an HRCI Approved Provider & and can award recertification credit hours for our training activities.