Addie Johnsen

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Addie Johnsen Aperian Global

Addie is responsible for ensuring Aperian Global has the right people at the right time while focusing on employee engagement. She initially joined the firm in 2006 to recruit and onboard subject matter experts to support Aperian Global’s training programs and became a certified youth program facilitator. After spending several years supporting Aperian Global’s Senior […]

Ekaterina von Gertten

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Ekaterina von Gertten Aperian Global

Ekaterina is responsible for designing and delivering Global Talent development solutions for major Global 500 clients in areas such as Teaming Effectiveness, Global Leadership Development, Global Mindset Development, and Diversity & Inclusion. Prior to joining Aperian Global, Ekaterina was as a Senior Consultant for Richard Lewis Communications, identifying & implementing customized client solutions for a diverse portfolio of […]

Janet Mi

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Janet has significant talent management field experience across China, the United States, and Asia, with a particular focus on talent acquisition, talent deployment, and leadership development. She has worked with senior leadership teams in global companies like Apple (China) to design talent management plans that match individual needs with business goals and with small start-ups […]

Morten Skov-Carlsen

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Morten Skov-Carlsen Aperian Global

Morten has over 17 years of experience as a consultant, trainer, executive coach and facilitator throughout the intercultural and global leadership fields. Morten provides global and cross-cultural training, virtual teaming skill development, change leadership and leadership competencies development, executive coaching, team effectiveness and strategy implementation workshops for senior leadership teams. Additionally, he is experienced in […]

Keiko Sakurai

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Keiko Sakurai of Aperian Global

Keiko Sakurai has expertise in team-building, change management, diversity and leadership development for multi-national companies. Before joining Aperian Global, Keiko served as a CPA for PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she led audit teams for financial audits and internal control assessments of global clients. Keiko holds a MBA from the Haas School of Business from the University of […]

Lisa Kieffer

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Lisa Kieffer of Aperian Global

Lisa delivers a wide array of organizational development, coaching and training services, with a special emphasis on the performance and alignment of global and virtual teams, as well as global leadership and change management. She brings extensive global team experience to her consulting work, having previously managed global Sales & Public Relations teams while working for […]

Simone-Eva Redrupp

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Simone-Eva is Aperian Global’s polyglot Practice Group Leader for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. She has held senior operational and marketing positions with multinationals around the world, such as: Citi, Disney and Lufthansa. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rice University in Houston, Texas, coursework from the Albert-Ludwigs Universität in Freiburg, Germany, and a Master of […]

Ernest Gundling, Ph.D.

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Dr. Gundling assists clients in developing strategic global approaches to leadership, organization development, and relationships with key business partners. He coaches executives with global responsibilities and works with multicultural management teams to help them formulate business plans based upon strong mutual understanding and a joint commitment to execution. He has lived and traveled extensively in […]

Ted Dale

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Ted oversees the development of Aperian Global’s online learning tools such as GlobeSmart, the reference tool on how to do business effectively around the globe. He has also been instrumental in the creation of Aperian Global’s online Assessment tools as well as Learning Paths used by many of Aperian Global’s clients. Ted was born and […]