Morten Skov-Carlsen

Posted on July 1, 2015

Morten Skov-Carlsen

Morten Skov-Carlsen Aperian Global

Morten has over 17 years of experience as a consultant, trainer, executive coach and facilitator throughout the intercultural and global leadership fields. Morten provides global and cross-cultural training, virtual teaming skill development, change leadership and leadership competencies development, executive coaching, team effectiveness and strategy implementation workshops for senior leadership teams. Additionally, he is experienced in the design and delivery of leadership pipeline assessments and development centers. Prior to joining Aperian Global, Morten was a long time internal senior organizational leadership consultant with IBM, a top Fortune 100 company. He is currently also an External Lecturer at Copenhagen Business School. Morten holds a Master’s of Business Administration focused on International Enterprise from the Open University Business School in the UK, a Master of Arts in Literature and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Aarhus University, Denmark. Additionally, Morten is certified in Hogan HPI and HDS Personality Surveys, MBTI, and a suite of Hay Group (Boston) instruments: Organization Climate, Leadership Styles, Motives (McClelland), and Top Team Interventions.

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