Aperian Global recently added Ghana to GlobeSmart, so we talked to our colleague Adwoa Osei about her January trip to Ghana, where she conducted key interviews for GlobeSmart research. Adwoa’s originally from Ghana herself, so we asked her if she was surprised by anything that came up during her interviews.   “This might sound morbid,” […]

Adopting an Asian Lens to Talent Development

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Adopting an Asian Lens to Talent Development

This month, Aperian Global presented a new study, “Adopting an Asian Lens to Talent Development,” with our partners at TAFEP and Community Business in Singapore. The study provides detailed case studies of some of the strategies employed by leading firms in Singapore and if you’d like to read it, it’s available online here: [PDF link] […]

Building Leadership Talent for Fast-Growth Markets

Many organizations face a similar dilemma: Their prospects for business growth are strongest in locations far from their headquarters, but they do not have sufficient local leadership talent to fully achieve this growth. They must groom people as quickly as possible for leadership roles that previously required twenty years or more of preparation. While there […]

Global Leadership Development: A Point of View

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Your organization is planning to bring together leaders from around the world for a global leadership development program. A group of standout executives has been selected, and they will be spending a significant amount of time together in person. How will you structure the program to make the best possible use of this investment in […]

Influencing Across Borders

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What’s different about leading in a global context? Recent research has identified “influence,”1 as a key skill of successful global leaders. Increasing numbers of people are working on global teams with matrix reporting relationships. The team leaders in this scenario are unlikely to accomplish much at all without superior influencing skills, particularly in situations where they […]

Baby Boomers: The Way Out

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The director of learning and development for a major US energy firm describes a key issue faced by her organization: “We are run by Baby Boomers who will retire soon. We will be run by Millennials in ten to fifteen years. Are we ready?” As companies look to emerging markets for future growth, it becomes […]

Reinventing Diversity

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Blog: Reinventing Diversity

Globalizing Diversity & Inclusion Successful leadership of a global team or organization is closely linked with one’s approach to inclusion and diversity. But assumptions about what diversity is and how to include people are often based upon a domestic workplace context that may or not be relevant in a more multicultural setting. For instance, what […]

Blog: Country-Specific Knowledge: Cultural Dimensions & Beyond

As companies analyze their prospects for current and future growth, they often determine that there are certain locations around the world that are as important or even more important than their traditional markets. If a country such as China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, or Mexico is critical to your company’s future, it is vital to […]

Developing Local and Global Leadership—At Once—in China, man on cell phone

In response to the unprecedented shift of global wealth from West to East, a large number of Western multinationals are globalizing their China operations and redistributing authority to reflect (and capitalize on) China’s economic leadership. Some companies, for example, have relocated APAC regional headquarters from Singapore or Hong Kong to Mainland China. Many other organizations […]

Leading Global Team: Building Alignment

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How can a global team leader create shared goals when heading up a team that spans boundaries of geography, culture, and function? In spite of long, successful track records in high-level domestic leadership positions, even the most senior executives struggle to create shared vision within their global teams, citing it as their key challenge. Differences […]