Employee Engagement & Culture

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This blog is adapted from an article by Ernest. Gundling, Ph.D., “Motivation, Engagement, and Culture”, first published for the 2010 ASHRM Conference. The interactions between managers and employees from various cultural backgrounds can either contribute to or detract from employee engagement and culture. Effectively leveraging a broad range of cultural factors will help to ensure optimum […]

How to Build a Global Mindset

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How to Build a Global Mindset

The Path to Globalization Companies globalize in different ways and at different rates based upon their business environment and strategic choices. Firms globalizing at a rapid pace due to explosive revenue growth or as the result of mergers and acquisitions may suddenly find themselves with the imperative to develop a global mindset across the organization; […]

“We would like to provide Candidate Assessment for our international assignees, but…” With a limited budget, we have to prioritize. Maybe next year… If assessment isn’t predictive of whether the assignee is likely to succeed or fail, what is the value? The fact of the matter is that we typically send employees based on their […]

Strategic Planning Session: What Next

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Many organizations have gone through huge changes in recent times. They have downsized operations and reallocated, delayed, or curtailed investments in response to unprecedented market fluctuation. Valued employees have been shaken as they have seen friends and colleagues depart and feel that they face an uncertain future. As strategic plans are set for next year […]

Global and Virtual Teaming

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What are the primary obstacles that global, virtual teams must overcome, and how can they address them? Creating a high performance team is difficult enough in any context. For a team with members in different parts of the world who must work virtually across time and distance, accomplishing ambitious performance goals becomes more challenging still. […]

Leader-Led Action Learning: We’re Not in Training Anymore

It makes sense to link global leadership development with the achievement of strategic business objectives, especially in the midst of difficult times. Leader-led action learning has the potential to transform corporate learning in a way that goes far beyond its standard applications, but this requires a shift in mindset and skills on the part of […]

Short-Term Assignments: The Challenge to Do More Faster

Introduction: Why Short-Term Assignments? Deployment of talent on short-term international assignments is one of many trends that global companies are accelerating to cope with the global financial crisis. Short-term assignments were already on the rise due to changing workforce demographics, the need to offset recruiting gaps, increased focus on strategic global projects, and the desire […]

Leveraging Diversity for Creative Solutions: Leadership Best Practices for Virtual Collaboration

We are all looking for the next great idea – the breakthrough innovation that will catapult our organization to a higher level. Virtual teams with members scattered throughout the world are a typical part of how business is structured in today’s global environment. Is there a link between the two? Are virtual teams in international […]

Expats in China: Views from the Chinese Workplace

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Views from the Chinese Workplace - Shanghai Skyline

“I guess he is in some sort of trouble,” said a Chinese employee of a multinational company. He was talking about the expatriate supervisor who was leaving his post. In his view, the expat has gone from a stumbling start to his assignment to become very successful by the end of his second year in […]

What is Global Leadership?

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What is Global Leadership?

In order to grow in key markets around the world, there is nothing more important than getting top talent in place through recruiting, developing, and retaining the right people. Two vital questions must be answered in order to effectively target high priority global leadership development efforts: 1. What exactly is global leadership, and how is […]