Leading and Managing Virtual Teams

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How to Lead and Manage Virtual Teams

How to Lead and Manage Virtual Teams A manager is brought into his boss’s office and told he is going to be assigned to a new project. This is not a surprise; his success leading previous teams has translated into responsibility for increasingly important and complex projects. He likes a new challenge. He asks who, […]

Outsourcing & Offshoring: Considerations for a Successful Global Enterprise

The words outsourcing and offshoring provoke many different reactions. Some hear these terms and consider them a natural aspect of globalization, a way to leverage talent given the “flattening” of world business through advanced communication technologies. Others find such trends to be threatening, leading to lost jobs, a reduction in product or process quality, and […]

Cross-Border M&A: Downstream Implications

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Cross-Border M&A: Downstream Implications

Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a global craze: over $1.3 trillion has changed hands in the first half of 2006 alone on more than 13,482 deals worldwide1. But, as previous statistical summaries have indicated, the M&A failure rate continues to range between 60% and 75%. Why? It’s All About Integration There are five misconceptions […]

The Next Generation of Global Management (Part II)

Post by Ernest Gundling, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Aperian Global. In our introduction to this topic, The Next Generation of Global Management in China, India and the United States, PART 1: Convergence & Divergence, we focused our “next generation” definition and analysis on emerging managers and leaders within China, India, and the U.S. We outlined some […]

The Next Generation of Global Management in China, India, and the United States (Part 1)

Post by Ernest Gundling, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Aperian Global. Companies are constantly looking for an edge in an increasingly competitive global business environment. Most employers agree that attracting, retaining, and developing the best talent is one of the most important business initiatives for their future success. There are few topics of more critical importance […]

The Army Projects

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intercultural military training

Intercultural Military Training In 2006-2007 Aperian Global had the opportunity to undertake two projects that were outside our usual sphere of operation. We were awarded funding by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to develop two web tools that would deliver intercultural training to the military. Each year the DoD Small Business Innovation Research […]