Building Cross-Cultural Bridges with Engineers

Posted on November 11, 2014

Building Cross-Cultural Bridges with Engineers

Building Cross-Cultural Bridges with Engineers

At Aperian Global, we use the words “building” and “bridges” quite a bit when speaking metaphorically. For example, we help bridge gaps in work styles, build collaborative solutions, bridge cultural differences…

But when you’re surrounded by over 500 engineers, many of whom can actually build a bridge, it really puts things in perspective.

This was the situation Laurette Bennhold-Samaan (COO) and Mike Greto (Senior Global Account Manager) found themselves in while presenting a workshop entitled Working GlobeSmart: Building Cross-Cultural Bridges at the Engineers Without Borders – USA (EWB-USA) 2014 national conference.

EWB-USA is the latest GlobeSmart Grant recipient sponsored by AGBlue, Aperian Global’s CSR arm. EWB-USA’s nearly 15,000 student and professional engineer chapter members now have access to our GlobeSmart tool to help them prepare for the hundreds of global community development projects that they conduct around the globe. These community-driven development projects, which are accomplished via long-term relationships with local partners, include the design and implementation of solutions for water supply, sanitation, energy, agriculture and — you guessed it — even building bridges.

Building Cross-Cultural Bridges with Engineers

Check out EWB USA to learn more about this impactful organization.

And if you know of a non-profit organization that might benefit from GlobeSmart, you can find more information about our GlobeSmart Grant here.


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