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the social and cultural impacts of hosting the olympic games

The prestigious Olympic Games represent unity, pride, elite athleticism, and peace around the globe. They bring together the world’s leading athletes, and hundreds of millions of spectators watch in awe as they represent their home countries and compete for the ultimate glory of bringing home a medal. Much more than a series of sports competitions, […]

fostering motivation with learners in the global workplace

A senior executive at a large global corporation, Maria, struggles to motivate employees in Taipei during training sessions. Maria uses a variety of tactics to motivate employees during training periods, and those ongoing initiatives are largely the same through her branch of the corporation, which employs workers from six different countries and offers financial bonuses […]

Remember the Battle of the Somme: Promote Inclusion Now

By David Everhart, President, Aperian Global Friday night across Europe governments and citizens held vigils to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme. At 7:30 AM on July 1, 1916, whistles blew along the Allied trenches and thousands of soldiers went “over the top” and into the teeth of withering […]

Inside Aperian Global: Birgit Hüglin-Wood

In our monthly interview series, Inside Aperian Global, you will get to know the passionate people that drive Aperian Global’s mission, values, and day-to-day operations. Aperian Global’s employees will provide you with a sneak peek into their work lives and share stories about themselves. This month, we asked Birgit Hüglin-Wood, one of our alumni and […]

What is Diversity?: Impressions of Diversity from Around the World

In honor of World Diversity Day tomorrow, Saturday, May 21st, we decided to poll our Aperian Global global citizens to see if they could capture a person, place or thing that symbolized diversity to them. We’ve all seen the standard stock photos and clip art that are often (over) used to represent diversity – i.e. puzzle […]

Leveraging Hidden Diversity to Alleviate Groupthink

As Danielle was heading to the meeting with her senior line managers to present three candidates for the new high-visibility integration project, she reflected on her choices. As the Senior HR Business Partner, she was responsible for staffing the positions, in cooperation with Sam, the global head of project management. At first sight, the three […]

3 Steps to Avoiding Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

“Unconscious bias” is a hot topic, appearing on the human capital agendas of many organizations today. Google’s Making the Unconscious Conscious video makes the case that understanding unconscious bias is critical to creating an inclusive workplace. At Aperian Global, we partner with organizations to improve their global diversity and inclusion efforts, and one of the […]

Pledge for Parity

March 8th is no ordinary Tuesday; it is International Women’s Day. This day means much more than gifting flowers to the women in your office or family. It celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women globally. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. We at Aperian Global […]

Inclusive Leadership - Transforming Knowledge Into Action

Last week in our blog, we discussed the return on investment of Diversity & Inclusion strategies. (See: D&I thought leader opinions here.) Now, we will dive deeper into the mindset & behavior that is necessary to lead inclusively. It’s one thing to understand why inclusive leadership is a prerequisite for global organizational success, but we also need to […]

What’s the ROI of Diversity and Inclusion Strategies?

A successful implementation of a Diversity & Inclusion talent strategy and an inclusive organizational culture are now on many multinational organizations’ agendas. Many wonder about the exact return on investment of these mindset- and people-focused strategies. At Aperian Global, we have worked with clients to improve their D&I strategies across the globe for the past […]