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Leaders in Diversity and Inclusion

David is in charge of workplace diversity management at a global manufacturing company. He was recently assigned a seemingly basic task. “Focus on minorities,” the executive sponsor of the initiative told him. “I’d like to see our numbers climb from 25 to 45 percent,” he said. Minorities are largely underrepresented at the company, but David […]

Can Diversity Drive Business Results?

In a recent interview with Stu Taylor from the Stu Taylor on Business radio show, Karen Cvitkovich, a Senior Consultant at Aperian Global and co-author of the newly published book Leading Across New Borders: How to Succeed as the Center Shifts talked about global leadership, the benefit and challenges of diverse perspectives in an organization and what […]

Attracting and retaining millennials in the global workplace - header image 900x410

When you think about the global workforce, what thoughts come to mind? Many people imagine a multinational company that values cross-cultural communication and searches for the most effective global networking and production practices. There are many factors that affect the global workforce and its approximate 3 billion workers, but one of the most important is […]

Russian Generational Diversity Challenges

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Blog: Russian Generational Diversity Challenges

In a world where people live longer and members of different generations find themselves sharing office space, effective communication across generations is an important competency to master. This is true no matter what part of the world you are in. To add to the challenges of generational dynamics, these generational differences and divisions are not […]

Making Gender Inclusion Part of Your Corporate DNA - Aperian Global

“The problem with gender is that it prescribes who we should be, rather than recognizing how we are.”- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian Novelist Companies across the world are fighting a war for high-potential talent to address their need to stay creative and innovative in order to remain on top of their competition. An increasing part […]

Do Female Leaders Have a Seat at the Table Yet?

Female Leaders Infographic There is a greater emphasis on diverse leadership today, but do female leaders really have a seat at the table?  We hope this infographic helps shed light on the current state of females in the workplace. Research shows great progress has occurred over the last few decades, but there is still a […]

Disability Inclusion & the Bottom Line

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Disability Inclusion & the Bottom Line

Unemployment among the world’s 386 million disabled people of working age is far higher than for working-age individuals. Although companies are striving to create more inclusive environments, the number of employed people with disability is still lagging behind when compared to the rate of employment in the general population, especially in developing countries where individuals […]

Baby Boomers: The Way Out

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The director of learning and development for a major US energy firm describes a key issue faced by her organization: “We are run by Baby Boomers who will retire soon. We will be run by Millennials in ten to fifteen years. Are we ready?” As companies look to emerging markets for future growth, it becomes […]

Reinventing Diversity

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Blog: Reinventing Diversity

Globalizing Diversity & Inclusion Successful leadership of a global team or organization is closely linked with one’s approach to inclusion and diversity. But assumptions about what diversity is and how to include people are often based upon a domestic workplace context that may or not be relevant in a more multicultural setting. For instance, what […]

Leveraging Diversity for Creative Solutions: Leadership Best Practices for Virtual Collaboration

We are all looking for the next great idea – the breakthrough innovation that will catapult our organization to a higher level. Virtual teams with members scattered throughout the world are a typical part of how business is structured in today’s global environment. Is there a link between the two? Are virtual teams in international […]