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Read about experiences from individuals who successfully adapted to new environments because of our Global Mobility learning solutions.

Laurette at ERC® EMEA Global Workforce Summit

Aperian Global attended the ERC® (Employee Relocation Council) EMEA Global Workforce Summit that took place in London, England, in early February of 2015. The summit provided excellent benchmarking and educational opportunities for leaders of the Global Mobility space. Our Managing Global Mobility Director Darcy Roehling shared her experience of the summit: “The conference began on […]

Repatriation Support in India and China

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Repatriation Support in India and China

Home, Sweet Home? Why repatriation support is critical for returning Indians and Chinese The recent (re)emergence of China and India as global economic superpowers has seen corresponding shifts within each of their respective expatriate communities. Where once the opportunities for ambitious Chinese and Indians lay outside their borders in Europe and the US, the advantages […]

Tips for Seeking Employment Abroad

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Tips for Seeking Employment Abroad

Aperian Global’s own Diana Zalaquett left Peru to study in the United States at Northeastern University. Her post-graduation job search for employment wasn’t easy, so she compiled and shared a list of tips with her fellow alums: What worked for her and what didn’t? What challenges may be unique to working outside your home country? […]

International Assignments for Global Leadership Development

Now more than ever, companies in the world over are focusing on developing global leaders through international assignments. This is driven by various forces: the steady march of countries and companies becoming increasingly interdependent for economic viability; population shifts and related shifts in GDP; and dramatic recent changes in the global economy that have served […]

“We would like to provide Candidate Assessment for our international assignees, but…” With a limited budget, we have to prioritize. Maybe next year… If assessment isn’t predictive of whether the assignee is likely to succeed or fail, what is the value? The fact of the matter is that we typically send employees based on their […]

Short-Term Assignments: The Challenge to Do More Faster

Introduction: Why Short-Term Assignments? Deployment of talent on short-term international assignments is one of many trends that global companies are accelerating to cope with the global financial crisis. Short-term assignments were already on the rise due to changing workforce demographics, the need to offset recruiting gaps, increased focus on strategic global projects, and the desire […]

Expats in China: Views from the Chinese Workplace

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Views from the Chinese Workplace - Shanghai Skyline

“I guess he is in some sort of trouble,” said a Chinese employee of a multinational company. He was talking about the expatriate supervisor who was leaving his post. In his view, the expat has gone from a stumbling start to his assignment to become very successful by the end of his second year in […]