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What are some of the first impressions that refugees entering Denmark have about their new colleagues? Our infographic outlines 5 common cultural traits that surprise new arrivals. You can learn more about the impact our first training session had on Syrian refugees here.

The Business Case for Inclusion

Want to make the case to promote a more inclusive work environment at your organization? Our latest infographic, “The Business Case for Inclusion,” offers compelling stats that will grab leadership’s attention. You can learn more about inclusion in the workplace with the eBook Inclusive Leadership Trends.

What’s Your Workplace Animal?

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What's Your Workplace Animal?

It’s no secret – sometimes the workplace can feel like a jungle. We hope our infographic will help you uncover your workplace animal and gain some insight into the types of personalities you interact with on a daily basis. If you want to dive even further into your work style and learn more about the GlobeSmart Profile, sign […]

A Quick Look at LGBTQ Rights in the Global Workplace

LGBTQ Rights in the Global Workplace Before sending staff abroad for short-term rotation or relocation, it is critical to properly prepare your assignees. This includes bracing your staff for cultural and societal differences. GlobeSmart has practical advice and information on 97 cultures across the globe, including current societal attitudes towards the LGBTQ community. Learn more […]

A Glimpse at Growing Guyana

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Growing Guyana Infographic

Growing Guyana Guyana is on route to becoming one of the world’s largest energy suppliers in the next few years. This vibrant and diverse country is on track for massive economic growth, and gaining great international interest because of it. We hope this infographic gives you a helpful introduction to Guyana. If you want to […]

Diverse Teams Win in the Workplace - Cultural Diversity Day

Diverse Teams Win in the Workplace In honor of World Day for Cultural Diversity we’re celebrating how diverse teams win the workplace. Diversity is important in the composition of organizations, as it helps generate creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box problem solving. This infographic is a quick reminder that diversity and inclusion stand to benefit us all! Please […]

How Well Do You Know Your Indian Colleagues?

How Well Do You Know Your Indian Colleagues? You might know your Indian colleagues on a personal level, but have you asked them much about their culture or country? There is a lot to learn about the second most populous country in the world! We hope our latest infographic motivates you to engage with your […]

8 Ways to Improve the Performance of Merging Teams

8 Ways to Improve the Performance of Merging Teams As mergers & acquisitions continue to provide a vehicle for global growth, use this infographic as a starting point to understand 8 ways you can improve the integration of merging teams to enhance performance. Want further information? Read about our solutions to support the successful integration of both organizational and national […]

On a Mission to Make an Impact: Aperian Global Timeline

The 25-Year Aperian Global Timeline What started as a “business plan in the sand” has led to a global consulting firm with 8 offices around the world, serving 1/3 of the Fortune 100. With our latest infographic you can follow co-founders Ted Dale and Ernie Gundling as they collaborate and grow global success over the […]

Debunking Three Common Myths About Africa

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Debunking Three Common Myths About Africa

Debunking Common Myths About Africa There are many myths about Africa that people throughout the world believe to be true. We hope our latest infographic helps dispel some of these myths and clarifies misinformation. Of course, there is a lot more to learn about Africa and all the countries within this continent – and we […]