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An Interview by Betty Zhou Michael Shen, Aperian Global’s Senior Global Account Manager in Shanghai, recently sat down with Human Resources and Talent Development Specialist Betty Zhou for an interview. The following is a translated version of the original Mandarin interview.  I recently interviewed Michael Shen, Senior Global Account Manager of Aperian Global, a company […]

Brain-Based Leadership: What’s Missing? (Part 2)

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Neuroscience and Leadership

By Ernest Gundling, Ph.D. The first article in this series suggested that approaches to leadership informed by neuroscience are incomplete if they fail to take into account not only how the brain functions but also the cultural influences that shape it. We cited research suggesting that how we define ourselves, what we perceive, and the […]

brain-based leadership

By Ernest Gundling, Ph.D. Approaches to leadership based on neuroscience are alluring. Advances in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have provided an exciting new window into the everyday functions of the brain. Consultants and coaches eagerly cite the latest neuroscience research as the basis for their leadership advice, focusing on how it can be applied to […]

Developing Global Leaders Lightbulb

Aperian Global recently completed a very successful global leadership development program for a leading high-tech, global manufacturing organization. The program focused on developing participants’ cross-cultural agility, global influencing skills, a collaborative mindset, and the ability to balance local and global priorities. The customized workshop was designed to help the client’s middle- to senior-level managers better […]

The Secret to Better Work Relationships

Are you having trouble communicating with your boss? Do you have a diverse work team you can’t seem to motivate properly? Or maybe a colleague you just can’t figure out? Don’t worry, it’s not just you – work relationships are difficult. But they don’t have to be. Our GlobeSmart ProfileSM (GSP) identifies potential challenges between […]

Performance Reviews that Build Better Workers

How to Empower Your Employees Traditional performance reviews tend to be superficial. They consider job responsibilities, whether those responsibilities have been fulfilled satisfactorily, and well, little else. This is a disservice to employees. Performance reviews need to explain why an employee is successfully meeting expectations, so they can continue to thrive, or if an employee […]

Influencing Across Cultures

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In our flattened, ever-connected global marketplace, success hinges largely on how well people are able to influence others. Engineers and those in operations are often focused on influencing people internal to the organization, while marketing departments typically dwell in the realm of influencing external customers and the media. Matrixed organizations complicate the situation, demanding the […]

When we first heard from Sangeeta, we started to learn about her project, her role and the challenges she has with her global team. In webisode two, we found that there were a few issues around team alignment and clarification of roles. Now in webisode three, we will hear Sangeeta and her colleague discuss how […]

Going Out on a Limb: More Risk, Less Certainty

Adjusting Influencing Styles to Reach Risk-Takers When it comes to influencing others, one of the most basic mistakes a global business leader can make is to assume that others are like themselves. Trying to influence colleagues using a method that would be most impactful to oneself, without consideration of others, will ultimately lead to failure. […]

Why the Same Inclusion Initiatives Don't Succeed Everywhere in the World

How relevant are Western diversity and inclusion initiatives in India or China? For global business leaders, efforts to capitalize on the benefits of diversity via inclusive practices are at an all-time high. When attempting to address diversity and inclusion issues, however, organizations based in the U.S. tend to focus their attention on differences in race, […]