By becoming certified to administer and interpret our validated instruments, you will further your professional development and enhance your ability to support your global clients. Whether the engagement is part of 1:1 coaching, global team facilitation or custom leadership program, these assessments will help you improve the performance of your people, teams, and organization.

The instruments available for certification include:


The GlobeSmart Profile (GSP) helps individuals discover and compare their own preferred work style across key dimensions of culture. The GSP can be utilized by HR Business Partners and Learning Consultants to facilitate team discussions and assist in bridging and leveraging cultural and communication gaps.

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The GlobeSmart Teaming Assessment (GTA) supports the development of global teams in your organization by identifying top strengths, weaknesses & priorities along seven elements of global team performance. The results from an anonymous team report can be used to coach team leaders, align around team priorities, and build an action plan for performance improvement.

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Developed by the Kozai Group, the Global Competency Inventory (GCI) assesses perspectives, beliefs, values and practices in sixteen different areas related to leading and working effectively with people from different cultures. The GCI is often used as part of an executive coaching or global leadership development program.

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Certification Process

The certification process for the GSP, GTA, and GLA includes completion of a 1.5 hour self-paced online Learning Path and participation in a 2-hour certification webinar for each tool for which you want to become certified.

Note: The GCI qualification process is conducted independently by The Kozai Group.

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