Global People Skills for Global Business Transformation

Since 1990, Aperian Global has worked with our multinational clients to focus on the people-side efficiencies needed for large scale global business transformations.

Such changes often require building global business acumen to work effectively in strategic global markets and to drive major organizational change initiatives such as:

Global IT integration  |  ERP Implementation  |  Transition to Managed & Shared Services  |  Post-Merger Integration

Employees serving in critical roles such as IT, sales, operations, HR, finance, or procurement must quickly acquire the knowledge and capabilities required to achieve aggressive regional growth targets and to meet commitments on-time and on-budget. Enhanced global acumen for working across boundaries enables them to build trust, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and gain real buy-in to the change process in locations that are significantly different from their home market.

What changes are taking place in your organization? Are your people ready?

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Common cross-cultural business scoping we address includes:

How are you growing in your key global locations: organic, acquisitions, joint ventures?

Are mobility and talent development linked within your organization? If so, how?

How are your international assignees supported? What is the mix of assignees sent for a particular business need vs. leadership development?

What is your structure for employee development: corporate university, open enrollment, headquarters-driven curricula, regional HR autonomy, etc.?

What Our Clients Are Saying

With Aperian Global's GlobeSmart, we found a partner who is able to offer us a great tool that serves multiple purposes: our many locations can access it across time zones and read testimonials from country nationals!    

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