Create an Inclusive Work Environment

Posted on September 20, 2018

Create an Inclusive Work Environment

The better we understand one another, the more inclusive and productive we become.

Inclusion & diversity has been top of mind for most of our clients this year, so we have compiled several practical resources to help you with making your workplace more safe and inclusive, no matter where you are in your D&I journey.

Create a culture of inclusion through collaboration

Join us for a live webinar where we will use a validated framework to explore and gain an understanding of key style differences that almost all of us encounter in the workplace. By helping our employees learn to “dig deeper” we can then help them develop strategies to work more effectively with others who have different work styles.

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Generation Z in the Workplace

This year the United Nations selected the theme “Safe Spaces for Youth,” for International Youth Day, and given the current dialogue around safe and inclusive work spaces, it seems like the perfect opportunity to look at what the new generation of young workers needs in order to feel safe, respected and supported in the work environment.

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LGBTQ rights in the global workplace

Make sure all of your employees – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity – are prepared to safely and successfully conduct business abroad. GlobeSmart offers practical LGBTQ information on 97 cultures around the world. Explore our infographic to get an overview of what this resource has to offer.
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If your office was a jungle, what kind of animal would you be?

There is no denying it – often the workplace feels like a wild jungle. We offer a unique way to look at individuals’ work styles: by matching personality traits to common jungle animals. The best part? We provide advice on how to tame each species.
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