Developing Global Leaders, A Journey Together

Categories: Global Leadership, Global Mindset

Aperian Global recently completed a very successful global leadership development program for a leading high-tech, global manufacturing organization. The program focused on developing participants’ cross-cultural agility, global influencing skills, a collaborative mindset, and the ability to balance local and global priorities.

The customized workshop was designed to help the client’s middle- to senior-level managers better anticipate and understand global trends, increasing their capacity to communicate with impact at the global level. Another objective of the workshop was to align employees’ actions with the company’s global vision, to enable success in an ambiguous and complex global business environment.

One aspect that sets this leadership development program apart from others was that it was comprised of an APAC/China cohort and a U.S. cohort, with both programs being held simultaneously. This provided unparalleled peer learning opportunities for all participants. In addition to the three-module classroom sessions, which took place over the course of 9 days, Aperian Global designed cross-pollination assignments, telepresence interactions, customized assessments, and provided continuous development support throughout the 6-month engagement.

We are delighted that the program has created such a positive impact on the participants and the client organization as a whole. As one of the participants noted upon completion of the program, it was “a very good learning journey, I enjoyed every second!”