Create a Culture of Inclusion through Collaboration – On Demand

Create a Culture of Inclusion through Collaboration – On Demand

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Inclusivity is a process of bridge-building and involves careful listening, outreach to individuals with different perspectives, and persistent, stubborn efforts to find a common ground. Before any bridge-building can begin, however, we need to take a step back and understand the why behind common workplace behavior.

So often we are confused by or frustrated with a colleague’s behavior, when we haven’t taken the sufficient time to really understand why they have behaved in that way, or why that seemed like an appropriate behavior to them. Through this process, we also learn more about ourselves -- our own motivations, influences, preferences, and shortcomings.

Watch this on demand webinar, Create a Culture of Inclusion through Collaboration, where we use a validated framework to explore key style differences that almost all of us encounter in the workplace and gain an understanding of the values that drive these behaviors. By helping our employees to learn to “dig deeper” we can then help them develop strategies to work more effectively with others who have a different style. These concepts and skills do not ask that employees change who they are, but rather they give employees another “tool” in their respective toolboxes to ensure successful collaboration. If each of us makes even a few small changes, we can begin the process of a culture change within our organization.

Viewers will gain:

  • Knowledge of a validated framework and common language to discuss style differences in the workplace
  • Ability to style-switch for effectiveness with diverse colleagues
  • Strategies for key skills such as communication and relationship building

Viewers will receive a complimentary 2-week trial to GlobeSmart.

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