Creating an inclusive environment for global employees

Creating an inclusive environment for global employees

Balancing global and local perspectives proves key to implementing a worldwide diversity initiative relevant to regional needs and issues.


A US-based energy company operating globally sought to develop a core diversity curriculum for employees, supervisors, and managers in various functions. The primary objectives were to create a shared understanding of the effect of demonstrating inclusive behavior and to foster an environment where all ideas are heard.


Aperian Global worked closely with the company’s learning leaders and business managers to design a modular workshop that incorporated a consistent, global approach to inclusion and diversity topics while ensuring that important cultural, regional, and business-specific issues were addressed.

The program was successfully rolled out to leadership teams, functional/divisional groups, human resource leaders, and first- and second-line supervisors across the world. Each session was opened by a senior manager in order to anchor the larger, global picture with local relevance. Topics covered in the sessions included inclusive leadership behavior, micro-inequities, and unconscious bias, as well as techniques for working across differences in national cultures. The format of the workshops was active and experiential, with exercises, roleplay scenarios, and real-time feedback. Participants left with practical steps for influencing others at the team, functional, and organizational levels.


Employees based in more than twenty corporate locations around the world have participated in the workshops, which have undergone continuous customization as the organization evolves in its diversity journey. In addition to gaining awareness of inclusion issues, participants have noted additional benefits such as expanding their “go-to networks.” Outside of learning delivery, Aperian Global continues to support initiatives to sustain momentum with diversity committees, human resource leaders, and various employee resource groups.

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