Developing cultural agility at the university level

Developing cultural agility at the university level

Aperian Global provided a top-ranking business school in the U.S. with crucial cultural agility components for their management and leadership classes, enabling students to gain valuable global business skills.


A top-ranking business school in the U.S. offered several classes within its management and leadership programs that touched on cross-cultural issues in the business world. A resource was needed to supplement existing coursework and heighten students’ awareness of differences in culture, business practices, and communication styles when working in a global environment.


The business school licensed GlobeSmart®, Aperian Global’s online culture resource, for all students. Once students had completed their personal profiles, active discussions about cultural “dimensions” helped them understand how culture can affect communication styles, motivation, negotiation, and other business activities. In many of the classes, students were assigned to research specific countries and share information with their classmates on how to exercise cultural agility and work effectively with people in those areas.


GlobeSmart continues to be integrated into new classes at the school and has received very positive feedback. Students have found it useful in preparing for internship interviews and better understanding the key markets of prospective employers. GlobeSmart is also now used as an ongoing resource for students working on projects that are global and involve virtual teams.

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