Enabling financial leaders to drive performance virtually

Enabling financial leaders to drive performance virtually

The need for cross-cultural leadership skills becomes acute when a reorganization forces people to change the way they work together.


One of the largest financial enterprises in northern Europe went through a reorganization from a country-based structure to a function-based structure. This meant that leaders faced new challenges in terms of building dispersed teams and driving processes from a distance, all while experiencing profound cross-cultural differences. The leaders felt hampered in driving the new organizational vision because in most cases they had to work from a distance.


Aperian Global developed a holistic learning journey for all managers and leaders that entailed a blended learning solution of online resources, one-on-one coaching, and instructor-led virtual group sessions. Participants completed and compared their GlobeSmart Profiles as well as developing skills in cultural awareness, distance leadership, and conducting virtual meetings.


The managers and leaders became better equipped to navigate the organizational changes by increasing their awareness of how to lead differently with dispersed and diverse teams. Participants have noted that trust has increased, and travel expenses have decreased. Leaders have revealed that they feel more confident in their roles and that their dispersed teams are more motivated than before, despite meeting in person less often. Additionally, through recognizing the impact of culture on collaboration, team members have been able to conduct productive conversations around similarities and differences and build effective virtual collaboration processes.

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