Building high-performing virtual teams

Building high-performing virtual teams

Senior leaders, newly arranged as a team, gain fresh perspectives on collaboration and communication.


A global professional services firm with over 150,000 employees working in more than 150 countries was challenged with creating a collaborative, productive environment for a newly formed team of sixty senior leaders. Members of this new team were based in multiple locations around the world. It was highly unlikely that the group would ever come together physically, so it was paramount that the team be able to work effectively in a virtual environment.


Through investing in an enterprise-wide GlobeSmart® license, the firm partnered with Aperian Global to leverage the differences in work styles among the team members. GlobeSmart personal profiles were used as a basis for virtual facilitated discussions, highlighting team member similarities and differences and demonstrating ways to maximize both. Team members were able to explore how to modify their work styles to interact effectively with one another, build relationships, manage meetings, and make decisions efficiently.


This virtual, diverse team came to understand the need for conscious development of team norms and to recognize the extent to which cultural differences can affect collaboration. The discussions around the GlobeSmart profiles resulted in a stronger, more productive team with a new set of skills to manage virtual interactions effectively.

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