Equipping engineers for successful expatriate assignments

Equipping engineers for successful expatriate assignments

Multinational companies often use relatively short rotational assignments to increase the global business skills of their employees; a little bit of preparation goes a long way in terms of maximizing the effects of these assignments.


A leading global hardware technology company launched an 18-month international rotational engineering program for high-potential engineers to gain experience working outside their home countries for six-month periods. The company asked Aperian Global to develop a holistic solution to prepare the engineering team members for their assignments abroad, as well as readying receiving managers and sponsors to work with engineers from various countries.


Aperian Global designed a two-pronged, virtual solution to equip the expatriating engineers with an overview of their assigned countries, as well as developing the global mindset of receiving managers and sponsors. The first part of the solution offered Virtual Country Briefing sessions for expatriating engineers, focusing on the specific countries of China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. For the second part of the solution, virtual Working Globally sessions were customized to the needs of the engineers and their managers and sponsors.


Participants in the rotational program indicated that the pre-departure country briefings enhanced their effectiveness on assignment by providing best practices for working and living in their destination countries. Receiving managers and sponsors found that the Working Globally sessions better prepared them to leverage the unique input and diverse work styles of the engineers.

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