Synaptics Gains Recognition for Supporting Global Mindset Development

Posted on June 10, 2016

Synaptics Gains Recognition for Supporting Global Mindset Development

Congratulations to our valued client Synaptics, whom The San Francisco Business Times recently named as one of the best places to work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As part of Synaptics’ larger efforts to create an inclusive workplace for their global teams, they recognized the need to work effectively across different boundaries. Together, Aperian Global and Synaptics selected several Aperian Global online learning tools to address that need.

Why did Synaptics partner with Aperian Global? In their own words,

“As a global company with over half of our employees based outside of the U.S., developing a global mindset and working collaboratively across cultures is crucial to our business success. Aperian Global’s GlobeSmart Profile tool provides a common language that enables people to understand their own work-style and become more inclusive by switching styles to enhance their effectiveness of working in global or virtual teams. The online Learning Paths about China and the USA also gives individuals practical, in-depth knowledge on how to conduct business effectively in targeted countries. Aperian Global is a great partner and is accelerating our ability to work more effectively across borders. “

Together, we introduced GlobeSmart® and the GlobeSmart ProfileSM to the organization to build awareness of different work-styles and provide advice on working with specific countries. Aperian Global then certified nine core members of the Synaptics team to deliver GlobeSmart Profile Team Debriefs, so they can help global teams proactively address conflict. Lastly, Synaptics chose Aperian Global’s Country Briefings on China and the USA to provide targeted knowledge on two key country cultures.

We are proud to partner with Synaptics and to be a part of the positive impact made on their global teams. Please join us in congratulating Synaptics!

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