Global Mobility

Sending employees internationally is often a necessary expense to ensure talent development and continuity of an organization’s global operations. Enabling success when living and traveling abroad is a large part of what we do. We provide full life cycle support for international assignees and frequent business travelers with effective mobility training in the areas of employee selection, pre-departure, on assignment and repatriation support.

Business Value of Cross-Cultural Training for International Assignments:

  • Maximize time to productivity on assignment
  • Establish trust and build credibility more effectively
  • Learn how to read cultural behaviors in order to perform effectively in a new country
  • Increase capability to develop or deepen global leadership skills
  • Mitigate potential legal risks for the company knowing how to avoid cultural mistakes
  • Have a plan to reference and utilize while on assignment


Our engagement with international assignees is traditionally via two methods:

Working directly with corporate global mobility & operations
Working in partnership with an organization’s relocation service provider or relocation management company

Full Suite of Employee Mobility Solutions

Aperian Global’s suite of global mobility training solutions can be employed seamlessly regardless if we work directly or through your preferred relocation management partner. We understand the significant costs required to support international assignees and fully appreciate the competing resources that are available. Our employee mobility solutions adapt to this ever-changing environment to ensure the best learning can be deployed — any location, any modality — in the most economical means.

For individuals that may not have organizational support for travel or international assignments, or have been provided with a lump sum, we provide solutions that can be purchased on an individual basis.
Individual Solutions for International Assignees

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We are proud to partner with IMPACT Group to deliver best-in-class solutions to provide a seamless & successful integration of spouses/partners throughout the transitions that come with an international assignment.More Info

We have a close affiliation with School Choice Group, the world’s leading global education consulting firm, finding the right schools for children worldwide, including private, public, specialized, and international schools, from preschool through college.
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Global Mobility: Our Point-of-View

Global mobility is strategic, not tactical

International assignees with a global mindset perform better

Effective mobility programs are integrated with talent management

Learning solutions must be research-based and practical

Case Studies

Preparing executives for the Middle East


One of the world’s largest engineering and construction organizations made a decision to send a group of its top American executives on long-term assignments to the United Arab Emirates. Various business constraints dictated that the relocations had to occur within a narrow time frame. And although the executives would be based in Abu Dhabi, their roles would be regional, overseeing operations in Egypt, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Aperian Global was tasked with quickly providing pre-departure cultural training for the outbound executives and their families.


Working closely with the firm’s human resources team, Aperian Global interviewed the executives and their spouses in order to customize its approach. Subsequently, Aperian Global senior consultants conducted high-level, face-to-face sessions for each of the executives in three different locations across North America, focused on building their awareness and skills for working effectively in the Middle East. The non-working spouses attended portions of these sessions in order to gain insights for a smooth family adjustment to life in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, for the children who would be relocating together with their parents, Aperian Global provided separate, targeted training on topics such as adjusting to new schools and making friends with children from other cultures. The entire program delivery, from initial outreach and planning to relocation of the families, was completed in one month’s time.


The executives and their families reported feeling comfortable and prepared upon arrival in the Middle East, and the firm experienced no drop-off in project work during the transition abroad.

Equipping engineers for successful expatriate assignments


A leading global hardware technology company launched an 18-month international rotational engineering program for high-potential engineers to gain experience working outside their home countries for six-month periods. The company asked Aperian Global to develop a holistic solution to prepare the engineering team members for their assignments abroad, as well as readying receiving managers and sponsors to work with engineers from various countries.


Aperian Global designed a two-pronged, virtual solution to equip the expatriating engineers with an overview of their assigned countries, as well as developing the global mindset of receiving managers and sponsors. The first part of the solution offered Virtual Country Briefing sessions for expatriating engineers, focusing on the specific countries of China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. For the second part of the solution, virtual Working Globally sessions were customized to the needs of the engineers and their managers and sponsors.


Participants in the rotational program indicated that the pre-departure country briefings enhanced their effectiveness on assignment by providing best practices for working and living in their destination countries. Receiving managers and sponsors found that the Working Globally sessions better prepared them to leverage the unique input and diverse work styles of the engineers.