Global Team Assessment Certification Resources


You are officially certified in the Global Team Assessment℠ (GTA). 

This page contains everything you need to get started as a practicing GTA certified consultant.

Please bookmark this page for future reference, and check back often for marketing material updates.

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Now, you are probably eager to get started, but please carefully read our guidelines below before moving on to our facilitation resources.

Important Certification Guidelines

  1. Validity

    Your certification is valid from the time of issue until three years to the date. We encourage you to add your new credentials to your resume, professional profiles, and website.

  2. Logo Use

    Certified consultants are welcome to use the Global Team Assessment logo, however it must link back to the Global Team Assessment page. (Logos and marketing assets can be found below).

  3. Trademarks
    The first time “Global Team Assessment” appears in written or digital text, it must include the ℠ trademark symbol (i.e. Global Team Assessment℠). Subsequent mentions of the Global Team Assessment do not need to include the ℠ trademark, and can be shortened to GTA.

  4. Further Information

    If a potential client wants more information on the tool, please let them know they can sign up for a free GlobeSmart demonstration.

  5. Language and Wording
    We ask certified consultants to use the following language when talking about the GlobeSmart Profile on their website or any other promotional platform:

Global Team Assessment

The Global Team Assessment is a fast and powerful tool that helps teams determine how effectively they are working together. This sheds light on productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, cost-saving measures. 

Being certified in the Global Team Assessment, I am trained in facilitating this assessment, gathering team feedback, and communicating team strengths, weaknesses, and top priorities to improve on – including detailed advice and actionable strategies teams can employ immediately. 

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