International Assignee

Global Mobility Solutions for Individual Buyers

In today’s global business environment where an increasing number of employers are sending employees to work and live in foreign countries, you may find yourself getting ready to embark on an expatriate assignment at some point in your career. If you find yourself in a situation where resources from your company limit the preparedness needed for your assignment, we may be able to help you directly.

Global Assignment Training From Aperian Global Can Reduce Your Culture Shock


At Aperian Global, we have worked with thousands of expats and their families in order to acclimate to their new life abroad. We help take the shock out of “culture shock” with a focus on working effectively with your new colleagues, managers and others while on assignment. Whether you are looking to fill the gaps in your company’s international assignee training program, or hope to engage in a more comprehensive training and development process, our tools can provide the expatriate support system you need to succeed in your new endeavor.

The Importance of Cultural Training for International Assignments

Taking on an international assignment is a life-changing experience, both professionally and personally. Whether on your own, or with family, adjusting to your new home country can be challenging as you balance the stress of new job requirements alongside personal needs.

Proper support can have a critical impact on your ability to adapt to your expat assignment.

The Level of Company Support for Expatriate Assignments Can Vary Greatly

The level and type of expatriate support can differ significantly from one organization to another. Some companies offer comprehensive expat packages to employees; others provide a lump sum of money for the assignee to spend as needed. Yet there are many people who find themselves without much support either pre-departure or post-arrival, and thus searching for ways to prepare for the journey ahead.

If this is the case for you, please explore the following solutions available to you as an individual buyer.

We are proud to partner with IMPACT Group to deliver best-in-class solutions to provide a seamless & successful integration of spouses/partners throughout the transitions that come with an international assignment.More Info