Leading Across New Borders


An insightful, real-world look at the skills today’s global leadership demands

The world’s economic center of gravity is shifting at a rapid pace – huge emerging economies have already emerged. As businesses operate in an increasingly global context, the most successful leaders are able to see through the eyes of others and to hear the voices of globally diverse customers & colleagues. Leading Across New Borders features fresh insights from people in critical roles around the world, advice based on deep practical experience and new data that identifies the distinctive challenges of leading in an environment becoming more thoroughly interdependent every day.

Readers will find strategies and tools for working across cultures, leading inclusively, running a matrix team, integrating an acquisition, and making tough ethical choices. Each chapter challenges established leadership models and shares hard-won expertise in dealing effectively with a changing reality that includes both fast- and slow-growth markets. The book provides a roadmap to the new leadership paradigm, helping to expand skill sets and create forward momentum.

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Leading Across New Borders named one of the 10 Must-Read Fall Books for Career Development by Baseline

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Reviews from Leaders & Industry Pioneers

What makes this book stand out from other books on leadership is that it is so thoroughly global in its approach. It challenges leaders and their organizations to embrace the big shift that is taking place in the world’s center of economic gravity, from advanced to emerging economies.

Pankaj Ghemawat, author of Redefining Global Strategy and World 3.0

The authors have captured trends that are moving faster than most of us realize and that are critical for global leaders to know and navigate.

Terry Hogan, Director, Global Talent Management, Citi

There is certainly a lot of chatter in the business community about globalization and its increasing impact on all of us. However, this is the first book I've seen that truly dives into how organizations can and should deal with these new dynamics. This is a comprehensive, practical and engaging playbook for operating in the new global environment. Anyone who runs a business with any aspect that crosses borders can benefit from reading this expertly written book.

Jeff Rosenthal, CEO, UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education

Understanding context and building self-awareness are two of the cornerstones of successful leadership in our inter-connected world, where executives are increasingly having to work outside their home cultures. Leading Across New Borders provides compelling anecdotes, frameworks and practical tools for better understanding context and building self-awareness for the global leaders of tomorrow.

Rajiv Ball, Partner, THNK School of Creative Leadership

Leapfrogging technology, innovation, and boundary blurring is dramatically changing leadership. Workers must collaborate and compete across continents to be relevant. Leading Across Borders positions you to succeed in a world where the former infrastructure requirements dissolve and in their place is a mandate to leverage multiple centers of influence from deep inside individuals with varied experiences.

Erin S. Gore, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo

This reading gave me a renewed appreciation for the impact of global shifting forces between fast and slow growing economies on leadership values. It is a great reminder of how nuanced global leaders must be to succeed, leveraging cross cultural astuteness and critical thinking at the same time. Out with binary thinking and on with ever evolving algorithms!

Caroline Visconti, Vice President, Talent Development, L’Oreal

Leading Across Borders articulates the critical vectors of the “new normal” in leading and operating globally. Excellent input for awareness and action beyond conventional thinking.

Eva Boesze, Head of Global Human Resources, KraussMaffei Group

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