LGBTQ Around the World

GlobeSmart LGBTQ information

LGBTQ Around the World

Did You Know?

GlobeSmart is a valuable resource for business people working globally that includes useful LGBTQ information on 97 cultures.

Each cultural profile covers:

Legal Status

Specific insight on rights regarding sexuality, gender identity, marriage, family benefits, adoption, violence, and discrimination.


A closer look at discrimination and legal protection regarding public services, serving in the military, employment laws, and hate crimes.

Societal Attitudes

A general overview of the popular feelings towards the LGBTQ community, as well as trends in acceptance, violence, and cities with the largest LGBTQ communities.

Key Applications

  • Prepares members of the LGBTQ community for international assignments and travel
  • Allows managers and employees to develop and increase awareness on global perspectives as it relates to the LGBTQ community
  • Provides important insight for on-boarding, HR, and talent management on the cultural differences in LGBTQ rights, attitudes, and perspectives

GlobeSmart offers LGBTQ information on the locations in orange:

GlobeSmart LGBTQ Around the World

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