At Aperian Global, we understand that people learn in different ways. For that reason, our solutions are designed to be delivered across a variety of modalities.

Scalable Learning

Designed for large audiences, our blended scalable learning solutions focus on building awareness and providing practical strategies to implement at work.

Instructor-led Learning

Our facilitation style is highly interactive and participatory, with a focus on building useful skills. Techniques we use include in-person or virtual small- and large-group discussions, mini-case analysis, video segments, and role-plays for practical skill-building; all of which can easily align with our online learning tools for a blended instructional approach. SHRM Logo 2018Aperian Global is a SHRM Preferred Provider and an HRCI Approved Provider & and can award recertification credit hours for our training activities.

Online Learning

Aperian Global is a proven leader in online global competency tools. Our full suite of online learning is readily available on demand to team members who are located in many different parts of the world, saving both time and money.


Globesmart is our flagship cultural awareness tool, developed through extensive research with business professionals from many cultures around the world. GlobeSmart has been leveraged by over 1 million users to access detailed information on how to conduct business with individuals in other countries. Features included:

  • Specific advice for communicating effectively and doing business with people from 95+cultures
  • A statistically validated work-style profile enabling individuals to discover and compare their own unique work styles and get advice on collaborating with other countries, colleagues and teams.
  • Practical advice on effective leadership styles for cross-border teams
  • Specialized information for the LGBTQ community in each location.
  • And much, much more.

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Online Assessments

Assessing cultural competence, team effectiveness and leadership skills is crucial in order to succeed in today’s global environment. We offer a full suite of six cultural competence assessments and surveys specifically designed to improve cultural intelligence, global team performance, and global leadership at every organizational level.

GlobeSmart ProfileSM

Intercultural Effectiveness Scale

Inclusive Behaviors InventorySM

Global Team AssessmentSM

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