Online Learning Tools

Online Tools for Cross-Cultural Learning

Aperian Global is the worldwide leader in online global competency tools, providing the most effective cross-cultural learning experience. Online learning offers the benefit of reaching team members who are located in different parts of the world, which can save time & money. That’s why we complement our facilitated programs with a selection of innovative online global competency tools that can take your intercultural training results to a whole new level.

While we offer a wide selection of face-to-face facilitated programs, we understand that many organizations wish to leverage online learning solutions to complement their training capabilities. Organizational cross-cultural learning activities can be significantly enhanced through the effective use of our online global competency tools.

Enhance global collaboration, develop a global mindset & achieve your cultural learning objectives with innovative online learning solutions.

Our online cross-cultural learning tools include GlobeSmart®, the industry’s leading online country database for business effectiveness. Included within the tool is the GlobeSmart ProfileSM, one of the most validated personal cultural inventories in the market. Learning Paths are another option, offering access to various assets such as webcasts, videos and e-Learning modules that can be customized to help you achieve specific learning objectives.

Understanding & Leveraging Work-Styles

Understand your preferred work style and compare with others. Learn how to leverage work style similarities and differences with the statistically valid and reliable GlobeSmart Profile.

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In-Depth Country Specific Knowledge

Explore essential, in-depth knowledge on doing business around the world with Aperian Global’s flagship online resource.

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Guided Pathways to Better Collaboration

Guide learners to the specific objectives they need to achieve. Media-rich, interactive Learning Paths help learners become more inclusive and enhance global collaboration.

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