“With one of our recent inclusion and diversity initiatives, we wanted to focus on building our global, cultural acumen as an HR community and develop a common language. We intentionally chose GlobeSmart to help us achieve this. GlobeSmart helped us learn to build cross-cultural relationships in teams, individually within HR, as well as with our internal client groups. It also helped us build self awareness of our different work styles and preferences, and to more effectively consult and influence our highly global, diverse workforce at Microsoft.”

– Cathy Campbell, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Microsoft

“As a global organization, we were looking for a way we could address a large cohort of employees at the same time, while providing the flexibility for employees to learn at their own pace. This need led us to partnering with Aperian Global to implement the 30-day Learning Journey across several parts of our organization. The program resulted in clearer communication across our global teams, as well as notably fewer style conflicts since participants are now more aware of different work styles and how to adapt to them. This program leads to real behavior change. The change is more sustainable than with a single training event because coming back to the topic repeatedly establishes a pattern of thinking that can be carried on beyond the 30 days.”

– Hal Zabin, Head of Regulatory Medical Device Excellence, Bayer AG

“At MovingWorlds, we help people volunteer their skills around the world, on their own time or through corporate sponsored programs. In these programs, we use GlobeSmart to not only help people be more effective in their international skilled volunteering trips, but also to grow as more innovative and capable leaders. We consistently hear from our “Experteers” that the cultural assessment helps create a foundation for a positive impact, and the lessons from it stay with our members for years to follow. We can’t recommend this tool – and the team behind it – enough!”

– Mark Horoszowski, CEO, MovingWorlds.org

“While Asia Pacific operates as one business region for Ford, its team is made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, languages, generations, levels of experience, and lifestyles — making it the ideal place to offer training programs to promote a respectful and inclusive environment.

Ford Asia Pacific engaged with Aperian Global to develop a workshop (including train-the-trainer) on unconscious bias for senior leaders, who our company believes should act as role models for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The program received very positive feedback from our senior leaders as it not only provided an open and safe environment for meaningful dialogue, but it also resulted in individual and corporate actions to avoid and minimize the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace.”

– Arni F. Rifareal, HR Director Organization Development | Diversity & Inclusion, Ford

“GlobeSmart is one of the key tools in our global education initiative. Every student, at the time of orientation, does their GlobeSmart Profile and we then debrief the Profiles within their study teams. Each team also creates a team Profile to look at the differences and similarities of the work styles on their team. Then, they come up with rules to put in place for themselves; things they can do to make their team most effective in collaborating through the year.

I think GlobeSmart is a real career accelerator for not only our students, but our staff and our faculty. It’s been a tremendous asset to the school and we’re just thrilled to be able to use it, to have people dive into it, and to crave the information that’s there.”

– Alyson Hyman, Associate Director – Global Business Center, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

“GlobeSmart has been applied as a way to ensure that international and local employees are highly developed and trained in cross-cultural communication and can support the organization in becoming increasingly culturally adept and intelligent. It is more than just a web tool. It’s a launching pad for discussion, brainstorm and cultural understanding.”

– GlobeSmart Administrator, Carlsberg Group

“Indeed the training was a great experience for all of us – especially the girls. After the training our oldest daughter for the first time said she was looking forward to moving to the US. We’ve learned a lot about American culture and how to behave in business. Thanks for a great program which I can highly recommend to other expats – not the least for expats with children.”

– Thriving in a New Culture (United States) Participant

“I can work with anybody I want to in the global leadership area, and I choose to work with Aperian Global because of the quality of their thought leadership, their creative partnership in program design, and their facilitation skills. They are smart, responsive, work well with our team, and have helped our executives to understand global markets, customers, and colleagues in a much deeper way.”

– Director, Leadership Development

“Aperian Global has helped us to accelerate the development of hundreds of our high potential employees, the key people we need to grow our business and retain for our future. The long-term development process we have designed together with Aperian Global employs many different learning methods and has had a tangible business impact. People in the program have the opportunity to exchange ideas with our top executives, and many of those who have been through the program have already been promoted and are performing well at the next level.”

– Regional Director, Talent Development

“GlobeSmart is one of the smartest decisions we’ve made. Our executive team fully supports the tool and we’ve been able to leverage their glowing review in encouraging employees to make use of all the tool has to offer.”

– GlobeSmart User