Tips for (Relatively) Pain-Free Conference Calls

Posted on February 25, 2014

Tips for (Relatively) Pain-Free Conference Calls

Tips for Pain-Free Conference Calls


Last week, we shared with you some of the worst experiences Aperian Global employees have had during virtual and phone conferences. This week, we’re sharing their best tips for making those meetings successful. (Did you miss last week’s post? It had a hilarious video if you missed it, and it’s not too late to go read that post first!)


The Best Pain-Free Conference Call Tips

Send out any prework and an agenda in advance, so people can come prepared. Ideally, calls should not be information sharing, but brainstorming and idea generating. – Sapna (India)

Err on the side of “mute.” After I say my name, I go mute unless I am the facilitator or I know I need to speak first. – Barbara (CA, US)

If at all possible, use a web meeting space, or a collaborative shared document. This allows participants who prefer not to come off mute to contribute by typing in comments, so they can share opinions while others are speaking. – Michael (CA, US)

If all participants have webcams, it really helps to turn on the video and actually talk to one another “face to face”. – Christie (China)

I would almost always try to prepare in advance by checking any provided links or open documents that will be shared on the conference call, to see if it works on my laptop. – Adilah (Singapore)

If you have a noisy dog or a baby or a coffee machine in the background, just acknowledge it up front! – Mike (MA, US)


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