How RAD-AID Prepares Volunteers for Global Health Initiatives

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that two-thirds of the planet does not have access to primary radiology resources, leaving approximately 4 billion people at risk for widespread injuries and deaths that are preventable through radiology. 

RAD-AID International is a global radiology non-profit organization that works to improve radiology resources in developing countries. With more than 10,000 volunteers from 100 countries, and on-site programs in over 30 countries around the world, this non-profit is working hard to improve global health standards. 

Radiology in Global Health

Aperian Global was first introduced to RAD-AID in 2014 when consultant Christie Caldwell contributed to Radiology in Global Health: Strategies, Implementation, and Applications, a textbook co-authored and edited by RAD-AID President and CEO, Dr. Daniel J. Mollura. The chapter Christie authored highlights the importance of cultural competency in international health programs. 

Cultural competency training is vital for volunteers traveling abroad, as it helps build the trust and credibility required for successful long-term collaboration.¹ Aperian Global has been proud to act as RAD-AID’s long-standing cross-cultural training provider. Through the GlobeSmart Grant program, RAD-AID has access to the GlobeSmart learning platform free of charge.

Melissa Culp, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of RAD-AID, explains the high-level role GlobeSmart plays in preparing health professionals for global health initiatives:

In global health, partnership relationships are critical for success and progress.

During the onboarding process, GlobeSmart tools help RAD-AID to prepare volunteers for travel so that our teams demonstrate cultural humility, awareness, and respect within our partnerships.”

— Melissa Culp, M.Ed., RT(R)(MR)

Dr. Andrew Moore, Chief Resident of ESIR/Diagnostic Radiology at Integris Baptist Medical Center and RAD-AID radiology resident volunteer, describes how GlobeSmart has helped him prepare for global health initiatives:

GlobeSmart provides me with a baseline understanding of where my own culturally-influenced beliefs may align and conflict with the prevailing cultural beliefs of where I want to do international work. This provides a helpful lens for evaluating and understanding both potential conflict and potential success.

GlobeSmart has been very helpful in identifying my cultural biases. It has also been helpful to compare my cultural beliefs to the generalized cultural biases held by my country of interest. Cultural competency is an important topic in global health work, and GlobeSmart’s tool provides important data points for introspection.

I believe the value of a tool like GlobeSmart is in providing a framework for contextualizing culturally-influenced experiences in international work. The insights provided by the tool are critical for developing cultural competency within a particular geographic setting.”

— Andrew Moore, MD, R3/PGY-4, RAD-AID Radiology Resident Volunteer

Do you know of a non-profit organization that could use GlobeSmart and has values that align with our own? 



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