Recap: ERC® EMEA Global Workforce Summit

Posted on February 27, 2015

Recap: ERC® EMEA Global Workforce Summit

Laurette at ERC® EMEA Global Workforce Summit

Aperian Global attended the ERC® (Employee Relocation Council) EMEA Global Workforce Summit that took place in London, England, in early February of 2015. The summit provided excellent benchmarking and educational opportunities for leaders of the Global Mobility space.

Our Managing Global Mobility Director Darcy Roehling shared her experience of the summit: “The conference began on Feb 11th with an inspirational keynote by Kevin Gaskell, a former Porsche and BMW executive, on transformational teams and his transforming experience in walking to both the North and South Pole. The event was a great occasion to meet with many of our relocation partners to discuss our Global Mobility solutions for international assignees including our pre-departure program Thriving in a New Culture, our Virtual Country Briefings for short term assignees, and our Repatriation program, Leveraging Your International Assignment. We provide our solutions to over one-third of the Fortune 100 companies and it was great to see several clients in attendance. The conference also provided opportunities to discuss potential new partnerships-in-the-making with complementary services to our solutions.”

As part of the pre-conference workshops, Laurette Bennhold-Samaan, COO of Aperian Global, and Monika Stok, Aperian Global Senior Consultant, conducted a full day session on the topic of “The Intercultural Challenge: Doing Business Globally.” This session was part of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (WERC) Conference and their Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) designation. This designation in the Global Mobility industry signifies that the attendee is specialized in the field of global workforce mobility. On this particular event, approximately 50 participants remained fully engaged for the day! According to Laurette, “We spent the day with a fun and energetic crowd, with extremely diverse attendees from 18 countries.”

The course covered the basics of intercultural education theory and the application of intercultural theory to relocation processes and real-time global business practices. Highlights included: Assignee selection and assessment techniques, tools, and their applications; the explicit and implicit costs of international assignments from the organization as well as the expatriates and their families perspective; methods to measure assignment success; components of a repatriation program to help organizations realize maximum return on the significant investment; and global business case studies. Analyzing current and evolving policy trends will equip attendees to think creatively and tailor new solutions to fit the strategic needs of their organizations. Service providers will learn about issues and constraints that exist in the mobility process, allowing them to become partners in solving problems, meeting challenges and delivering excellent service.


During the course of the conference, our Director of Global Mobility Partnerships and New Business Development, Soren Olesen, received the Worldwide ERC Meritorious Service Award, an award granted to those who have contributed significantly to the organization throughout the year. Reflecting on the ceremony, Olesen said, “I have served on a number of ERC Executive Committees like Customer Promise, European Task Force, Board Nominating Committee, as well as been part of the Global Thought Leadership Panel at the EMEA Summit 2014. Since the beginning of 2014, I have also been part of the Global ERC Board of Directors.I feel honored to receive the 2015 Worldwide ERC Meritorious Service Award for these contributions.”

Click here for more information on the Global Mobility Specialist program (GMS®).

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