How can companies around the globe adjust to the new workforce normal?

Convert In-Person Meetings to Virtual

Need a helping hand converting your face-to-face meetings or larger events to an engaging, interactive, and cost-efficient virtual format? As leaders in virtual program conversion, delivery, and best practices, we’re here to help. Let us know how we can work with your team to keep collaboration flowing. Things to consider:

  • Do you have dynamic, skilled facilitation? This can make a huge difference in generating great ideas and achieving tangible outcomes.
  • Will your meeting be inclusive? There are numerous proven techniques for engaging participants from all backgrounds to build real alignment.
  • Are you thinking globally? Global meetings, especially virtual ones, need to take into account a variety of perspectives and local priorities.
  • Are you fully utilizing your technology? Many meeting leaders rely on a few ‘go-to’ features without leveraging the full potential of the technology they have available.

Virtual, Instructor-Led Options

Collaborating Across Distance

Arm your organization with the strategies and tools it needs to succeed in a virtual or remote work environment and get the combination of skills traditional development programs often overlook.

Leading Across Distance

Discover aspects of distance leadership that are crucial to success, such as effective communication in the virtual setting, leveraging diversity, and cultural differences and more.

Large Group Virtual Briefings

Build cultural agility and develop key global business skills with a scalable, cost-effective virtual solution for a sizable audience.

Digital, Self-Guided Solutions


Support collaboration, promote inclusion, and eliminate boundaries with GlobeSmart. The 95+ Culture Guides within the platform cover relevant business topics such as virtual communication, communication styles and managing meetings to help you collaborate virtually.

The Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit

Learn how to be an inclusive manager under difficult circumstances and increase engagement and team performance. 

Collaborate Effectively Across Distance

Watch this on-demand webinar with Aperian Global’s Director of APAC Consulting, Mui Hwa Ng. Learn how to collaborate effectively across distance, both geographically and through differing work styles. Get the skills you and your team need to work effectively and ensure team members feel safe and heard.

Quick Guides

Collaborating Across Distance: Fact vs. Fiction

Learn about the three categories of “perceived distance” and best practices for virtual productivity.

Building Trust at a Distance

Discover the different elements of trust and key strategies to grow trust virtually.

Inclusive Virtual Meetings

Learn key strategies and best practices for productive, collaborative, and inclusive virtual meetings.

Work Better - Virtually.

We are here to help you adjust to the new reality of work, ensuring that your virtual teamwork and collaboration is stronger than ever.

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