Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Canada

In our first “Featured Insight,” we examined the question of “Are race and ethnicity universal issues that employers should be addressing with a common approach?” by exploring the unique situations in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Malaysia/Singapore; follow-up pieces examined that same question, focusing on India and Nigeria.

For part four of this ongoing series, we’re traveling to North America to shift the spotlight on the country of Canada. Although it is part of the same North American continent as the United States and Mexico, and aspects of its history and economy overlap with the other two countries, it is also important to understand how Canada is distinctive. Key factors such as demographics, history, and culture help to explain the range of issues faced by Canadians today.

This in-depth resource answers the question of what diversity in Canada really means and defines the current issues regarding equity and inclusion that multinational organizations must know to succeed.

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