What is Global Leadership

What is Global Leadership?
10 Key Behaviors that Define Great Global Leaders

Ernest Gundling, Ph.D., Terry Hogan & Karen Cvitkovich
Many organizations around the world are missing a key point: that global leadership is distinctly different from the leadership skills needed for domestic operations. The global economy requires a new set of leadership skills – imbued with a global mindset, cross-functional and effective across cultures and nationalities – that were not as critical even a decade ago. Readers will be provided with detailed descriptions of each behavior, as well as information on how these behaviors can be applied in the context of leadership development programs, executive coaching, global teams, and leader-led action learning. Whether one is leading an entire organization, a business unit, or a geographically dispersed team, this essential guide provides an important resource for developing global leadership talent.
Nicholas Brealey Publishing, ISBN #9781904838234

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