Webisode One: Meet Sangeeta

Categories: Global Leadership, Global Mindset, Global Teams

Meet Sangeeta, a global project leader. Watch the first webisode of our series chronicling her team’s challenges.

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Sangeeta and her team do not seem to be aligned very well and appear to have a lack of open, transparent communication.

We’ll be hearing more from Sangeeta soon. In the meantime, if your team has experienced similar challenges…



This is Sangeeta. She is responsible for program management and governance of an IT Global Services Project that impacts 1,100 staff across several regions of the world.

Sangeeta: We are running a highly visible global services implementation project at the moment using all of our resources. I am focusing 120% of my time on this concerted effort. I speak to my project colleagues and reports in Shanghai, Bangalore and Sao Paulo almost daily.

While we are still on target time-wise, to be honest, I am losing a lot of sleep over this project. Not only are the time zone differences keeping me awake, but it feels like we don’t all share the same sense of urgency. It’s difficult to explain. Let me give you an example:

We needed to update our timeline last week. It was a delay in Europe, one of our key markets, due to a change in leadership. This meant that we needed to delay the regional rollout date. Of course, the first thing I did was to call my Chinese colleague Li, based in Shanghai, to inform him. After all, he oversees helping me keep track of, and report on, the regional rollout activities. When I asked him if he thought we could move the date out, I got a short “Yes, I think so” as an answer. I was a bit surprised but knew something was up.

Two days later, his local manager called me to politely to say that Li didn’t think this new timeline for Europe’s rollout was feasible given the rest of the planned activities. My thought was, why didn’t Li come to me directly?